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Online Bingo Cards

General Use

Need to pre-authorise players

Please note: Advise your players to not obtain bingo cards for the next game on a 2nd device whilst playing the current game.  If the players enter the new game code and use the same name and reference, they will be deleted from the current game and moved to the new game when they click PLAY.

Bingo Card Credits

  • Every bingo card issued to a guest will cost 1 credit.
  • Each subscriber will be given 250 credits every day for free.
  • Free credits expire every day and do not roll over.
  • Additional credits are sold per 500, these will be used after you run out of free credits.
  • Paid credits do roll over and do not have an expiry date..


£5.00 per 500 credits


5.65 per 500 credits


$6.85 per 500 credits


$8.95 per 500 credits