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How To Play

The Short Version

Hear the song, mark it off your card.

Get the required bingo pattern, shout BINGO as loud as you can!

The Long Version

Hitmix Bingo is a game of both luck and musical skill.  Your Hitmix Bingo host will tell you the winning pattern such as a line, two lines, blackout (full house) and then play you a selection of songs, as soon as you hear a song shown on your bingo card, you mark it off.  The aim of the game is to mark off enough songs to get the winning pattern.

Your Hitmix Bingo host might make it easier for you to win the game by announcing the songs as they are played, or they might decide to be evil by making you identify each song before you can mark it off your bingo card.

Hitmix Bingo is toe tapping, foot stomping, hands waving fun – and of course we encourage you to enjoy the music and singalong with your friends, family and co-workers when playing – BUT don’t enjoy the music so much that you forget to shout BINGO when you get the winning pattern.

During Hitmix Bingo you can expect to hear classic hits from the last few decades and popular hits from the current top 100 singles.  Themes include classic rock, cheesy hits, disco, reggae, party to name just a few examples.  Your Hitmix Bingo host may even take requests for future games.

To play Hitmix Bingo you just need to bring a pen to your local event or use a smartphone or tablet to connect via our webpage.