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How To Host

So, you want to be a Hitmix Bingo host?

Well, who can blame you, with a low start-up cost for a whole month of access, it’s easy to see how you can make a profit using Hitmix Bingo.

Once you’ve paid out your hard-earned cash then you’ll be wanting to see some return on your investment.

Hitmix Bingo presenters are DJs, quiz hosts, bar managers, charity event organisers – in short, they are all entertainers in one form or another.  Not every form of revenue below will apply to you, but Hitmix Bingo will help with the following income streams:

  • Charge an entrance fee for your Hitmix Bingo event.
  • Sell bingo cards to your players.
  • Get a bar or event organiser to hire you as a music bingo host.
  • Offer music bingo as an optional extra to your DJ package.
  • Increase bar revenue by hosting a weekly event which encourages repeat custom.

You’ll find further details of how to set up the games in our “User Guide” section, but in short you just need somewhere to play, your own music collection, a PC or Mac and a printer to print your bingo cards.

Software features:

  • Use your own music or video collection. (MP3, MP4, Apple M4A).
  • Create unlimited bingo games.
  • Print unlimited bingo cards on your home or office printer.
  • Upload cards to the internet for your guests to play online.
  • Display music videos using dual screen mode on your computer.
  • Compatible with PC and Mac.

Set up your first game in just a few minutes, and then get ready to earn money with Hitmix Bingo.