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How do I register the software

After opening the software, click “Online Activate”. Then copy the product key from your email and paste it in the text box, then press “Activate”.

Can I install the software on more than one computer?

No, you would need one licence for each computer you intend to use the software on. However, you can move your license to a different computer from the “About” tab in the software.

How do I move the software to another computer?

Click the “About” Tab in the software and press “Deactivate”.  After the software has been deactivated, you can activate it on another computer.

What files does the software accept?

MP3 audio files, MP4 video files, M4A iTunes audio files.

How many files should be on each playlist?

We recommend two songs for every square on your bingo card. 15 squares = 30 songs. 25 squares = 50 songs. Cards will never duplicate but it’s important to remember in any game of bingo that two people could be waiting for the same song even though their cards are different.

Can I delete my library and start over?

On Mac go to /Macintosh HD/Users/Username/

On Windows go to C:\Users\Username\

Rename the “Hitmix Bingo” folder to “Hitmix Bingo Old” and restart the Hitmix Bingo software.

Can I backup or move my playlists to another computer?

Yes, click “Create Playlist”
Choose the game from the “Game Select” menu.
Click “Export Playlist” and WAIT until you see the message “Playlist Exported”.
The playlist will be exported to a folder on your desktop.

To restore the playlist to a new computer, click “Create Playlist”
Click “Import Playlist”
Locate the previously exported files and click “Open”
Click “Save” and give your playlist a name.

File not found. The game cannot proceed.

This usually means that the audio or video file has been moved or deleted since you created the playlist. If you move or delete the audio files after creating the playlist then the software won’t be able to locate or play them. To solve this, move the audio/video files back to their original location.

I can't exit the "Play Game" tab.

This is a feature to stop you from exiting the game accidentally, to exit the game choose another playlist from the top right. If you only have one playlist, choose “Select File” and then reselect the playlist.

Why does the "Next" button disappear in the "Play Game" tab?

When you load a video file, there are keyframes embedded within the file. When you set the start time in a certain position, if the keyframe is present in that position, it will move instantly to that position. But if the keyframe is not present at the point it will move to the next nearest keyframe available.

The ‘Next’ button disappearing means, the program is preparing the next video and as soon as we have the desired keyframe of the video, the ‘Next’ button will reappear.

Loading Settings, please wait.

Your “Hitmix Bingo” folder is located at:

  • C:\Users\YourUsername\Hitmix Bingo\
  • or
  • /user/YourUsername/Hitmix Bingo/

  1. Close the Hitmix Bingo software and rename the “Hitmix Bingo” folder to “Hitmix Bingo Old”.
  2. Install and run the latest version of Hitmix Bingo, this will create a new “Hitmix Bingo” folder.
  3. Copy the “user” folder from “Hitmix Bingo Old” to “Hitmix Bingo” – this will copy your playlists.
  4. Copy the “result” folder from “Hitmix Bingo Old” to “Hitmix Bingo” – this will copy your bingo cards.
  5. If you use the library feature, copy the file “Library.xml” from “Hitmix Bingo Old\setting\Library.xml” to “Hitmix Bingo\Library\Library.xml”.

Alternatively book a support session with the team to diagnose and repair the issue.

What is "Grace Period Mode"?

The software is now past it’s expiry date and needs to be repurchased.

  • Purchase a new licence.
  • Click the “About” Tab in the software and press “Deactivate”.
  • Open the software and click “Online Activate”
  • Enter the new serial number and click “Activate”
  • Note: You will not lose any games by renewing your license as they are stored on your computer