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The demo and the purchased version is the same software.

On the first installation to your computer you’ll get 14 days to have a play around.  The software is fully functional; the only limitation is that you can print a maximum of 10 cards.

After your 14-day trial you’ll need to enter a serial number to continue using Hitmix Bingo – just enter your serial number in the trial version to remove the 10 card limit.

Hitmix Bingo for Windows

Hitmix Bingo for Macintosh

v9.0 July 2021

– We have assigned numbers to buttons so you can press your keyboard instead of the screen, useful for Stream Deck etc.
– Slideshow available before game / during audio file playback.
– Background image on paper cards (842px x 595px).
– Changed background colour on card number to reduce printing cost of cards.
– Product serial number can now be copied and pasted if needed.
– Overlay image available on “Messages” screen.
– Multiple lines on the “Messages” screen
– Progress bar while creating bingo cards
– Artist/title can now be shown on the musicbingo.vip site during playback
– The software is no longer created by an “Unknown Developer”!
– Export facility no longer hangs if file cannot be created because of limitation of file names in operating system.
– PDF creation no longer hangs if strange characters are in the artist and title of the playlist. 
– Music videos now start instantly when broadcast screen is opened after starting the playlist.
– Various bug fixes.

v8.3 - January 2021

– Added “End Check” button to stop the game without resuming the music.
– Keep “X songs played” when switching to web claims.
– Settings are no longer wiped when you update Hitmix Bingo.
– Added “Clear Prize” button to move to the next prize.
– Added “Keep Prize” button to keep playing the existing prize.

v8.1 - August 2020

– Changed background colour from white to grey.
– Change the Play Game screen layout.
– Prizes can now be changed mid-game.
– Winning pattern can be shown throughout game.
– Scrolling text bottom to top or right to left.
– Reveal artist / title after X seconds added.
– Remove parenthesis option added.
– Replay song option added.
– Library button removed (Song library remains).
– Many options moved from Settings to Play Game.
– Second screen can be resized and moved.
– Importing and exporting of playlists between computers.
– Serial number now shown in “About”.
– Notification of new version available in software.
– host.hitmixbingo.com now visible in the software.
– Name of current game can be shown during play.
– Added “Keep Playing Current Song” to ignore the call duration
– Default folder can now be set for adding new files.
– Scrambled text feature added.
– Other enhancements
– Bug fixes.

v7.1 - December 2019

– Scrolling list of songs played (optional)
– New card design with configurable logo
– 7 day grace period if the software is unable to contact the server, previously you would be cut off without warning.
– Settings would not show any options (Windows)
– Play button was missing on Play Game screen (Windows)

v6.1 - May 2019

 – Further improvements to message “You haven’t saved your playlist – Discard game? YES / NO” when leaving the “Create Playlist” screen without saving.

v6 - May 2019

– Improvements to recognising valid claims implemented.
– Settings tab working as previously intended.
– Style of bingo cards saved as previously intended.

v5.8 - April 2019

– Allow the user to specify the location of the overlay image on the secondary screen (top left, top middle, top right, bottom left, bottom middle, bottom right).
– Allow the user to switch off the overlay image.
– Allow the user to specify the location of the song artist and title shown on the secondary screen (top, bottom).
– In the “Create Playlist” screen, display the number of songs in the current playlist.
– In the “Create Cards” screen remember the following settings from the last printed cards. (Number of cards, Rows, columns, Free square, Font name, Font size, Paper format, Bingo label, Footer).
– Add message “You haven’t saved your playlist message – Discard game? YES / NO” when leaving the “Create Playlist” screen without saving.
– When installing Hitmix Bingo, if the folder “Hitmix Bingo” exists, rename it to “Hitmix Bingo” with the date appended to the end of the folder name? So “Hitmix Bingo 2019-04-02”.
– Fix issue where software not recognising bingo in second or later round of game without restarting software.
– Clear secondary screen when starting a new game.
– Fix issue In Library, when videos are imported, all the files are named the same.
– Fix issue in Play Game where “Next” button would vanish.