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Hitmix Bingo is a computer program for PC or Mac that enables you to make your own music or video bingo games.  Simply add music, print cards, play the game and check for winners.

With unlimited use included in the low monthly fee, it’s easy to see how running a Hitmix Bingo game just once per month will completely cover any expenses, everything else is pure profit.

  • Create unlimited games using your own music collection.
  • Each time you play the game, songs will be played in a unique order.
  • Create unlimited cards for each game and print them on your home or office printer.
  • Upload your bingo cards to the internet for guests to play online.
  • Check for valid bingo claims by using the unique serial number on each card.
  • Sell cards to players to generate revenue to cover prizes or fundraising.
  • Optionally use your TV screens or projector to show music videos and song history.

Download the software to your computer for a 14-day free trial.

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